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Van Den Weghe

Van Den Weghe believes architecture and design are of primary importance, which is why they pay tribute to natural stone and its various applications . They are known as a high-end processor of marble and natural stone with a sharp eye for luxury design. Aesthetics, innovation and quality reign in this company.

The art of natural stone goes far beyond the quarry. Van Den Weghe travels the world to find the most inspiring material and bring this noble, challenging but beautiful material into bespoke-built projects and objects.

The beauty of the materials we work with makes us want to use every piece of it. In the workshop valuable pieces that can be used are identified and used as raw material for unique terrazzo compositions. The result is no waste and dazzling new slabs, ready to be integrated into outstanding concepts.

Their drive for innovation and love for natural materials resulted in the patented Lap®is collection. The state-of-the-art plug-sockets and switches find their way to both classic and contemporary interiors. The lap®is products are available in a selection of remarkable natural stones and are also integrated in bespoke projects.


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Van Den Weghe
Statiestraat 69, B-9870 Zulte