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AQUALEX develops drinking water systems and multifunctional design taps for cooled, sparkling and hot water.

Do yourself and Mother Nature a favour. Get your drinking water from a stylish and multifunctional AQUALEX tap.

Always fancied an eye-catcher in your kitchen? Have an AQUALEX tap fitted in your home. Don’t just do it for the sleek and stylish design. The superlative ease of use is an equally compelling reason: 1 tap that gives cooled, sparkling and hot water. 100% filtered, ultra-hygienic and a velvety delight certain to soothe your taste buds. So say the fans.

Each new AQUALEX tap is a blessing for the climate. Where we come in, plastic bottles go out. In addition, you are doing bit by acting to drive down the number of polluting trucks on our roads.

AQUALEX is a young growth company full of life and zest, brimming with energy and driven by innovation. In just ten years’ time, the business has waxed into a team of over 60 staff whilst consistently gathering Trends Gazellen Award nominations over the past 5 years since 2017. AQUALEX supplies private users as well as companies, the hospitality industry, schools, care and government institutions.


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