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LAGOM Curvy White 10x30 CLOSEUP
LAGOM Oyster 90x90 floor matt Curvy Oyster matt
Vernici 6646
Vernici 6700
2021 04 Tyles Superlarge LD 46
2021 04 Tyles Superlarge LD 90


Tyles has been a trusted name in ceramic tiles for more than 45 years. A family business with an excellent reputation! As a wholesaler of durable quality tiles, we work mainly with European manufacturers that meet our high quality standards. We also closely follow the latest aesthetic and technological developments. This is how we manage to put together the finest collections for every price range.

Out-of-the-box range

Our collections reflect the latest interior design trends. So feel free to think out-of-the-box and give your creativity free rein. With tiles from Tyles, you can give every room exactly the accent you and your customer have in mind. And are you already familiar with our Superlarge tiles? With these XXL tiles, you can create a truly grand effect.


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Lagom Oyster 90x90 Thick20mm
2021 04 Tyles Superlarge LD 4
2021 04 Tyles Superlarge LD 54
2021 04 Tyles Superlarge LD 107

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