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am designs

am designs, founded several years ago by Mark Mertens, has been growing at a rapid pace. Today the company is well-known for designing both residential and hotel projects worldwide. am designs' work is much more a philosophy of life, creating timeless living spaces and products which are in perfect balance with the lifestyle of its owners. This is realized by bringing rare objects with a “soul” and materials in its purest form, together with basic architectural structures.

“We create an identity for each place and we keep our buildings faithful to the local language, by continuously searching for materials and shapes capable of connecting the building to the place where it belongs.”

am designs’ founder has always had a strong passion for architecture and art. The patterns that occur in art, architecture and the natural world leaves a fascinating, inspiring impact behind. Art and design have always been one of the foundations of the company, we think that both go hand in hand. Each interior needs art to create a stronger character and each art piece needs an environment to exploit and discover its full potential. Wanting to give this passion for art a physical place, am designs renovated an Antwerp-based townhouse, which has been transformed into a timeless showroom and art gallery. am studio at Mechelsesteenweg 100 - Antwerp functions as a unique platform for artists to expose their work in a non-traditional art gallery environment. With this location and other partnerships, am designs wants to create more opportunities for upcoming artists and inspire their clients with art.


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am designs
Albert Claudestraat 21, 2018 Antwerpen