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Since 1990, Decoline has been active as a producer and distributor of user-friendly, high-quality curtain-hanging systems. Unique and complete professional window decoration solutions are also part of its assortment. Thanks to constant product and service innovations, and because of its top-class quality standards, the company is a leading player in the window decoration market. At the end of 2019, the company was taken over by investment group Renardmont. This enabled Decoline to pursue its independent course, and to continue to focus on innovation and growth. With a team of more than 45 employees, Decoline realises more than 70% of its sales from its own developments, operating from its headquarters in Pelt (Belgium).

D Originals. Roman blind systems 620, curtain tracks 203 – 204 – 900, bent curtain tracks

Roman blind systems are in Decoline's DNA. The 620 roman blind system combines an innovative design with a comfortable operation.

The curtain tracks 203 – 204 – 900 are versatile thanks to the various mounting options, the extensive range of colors and the many applications.

Decoline is proud of its craftswork. Curtain tracks are bent in a professional and artisanal way to accommodate all your designs.

Decoline connected by Somfy. The reference for all motorized solutions.

For its automated and motorised processes, Decoline works with Somfy and offers an extensive range of motorized roman blinds and rails, as well as roller blinds, wooden blinds and vertical blinds. Wired or with battery motor, for home automation applications, built-in, ... the possibilities are endless.

Decoline concealed by Blindspace. Designed to disappear. For concealing curtain systems in the ceiling, for both new constructions and renovation.

On the one hand, Decoline offers boxes that are built in when the ceiling is finished. At a later stage, the roller blind can be installed, which is completely invisible when raised. In addition, there is a solution to cover existing coves with a cover profile. And last but not least, Decoline offers the perfect solution to seamlessly integrate the 502 Somfy Glydea motorized curtain rail into the ceiling.

Creating Moments by Decoline. Unique and complete professional window decoration solutions (roman blinds, curtains, roller blinds, Japanese panels, wooden blinds and vertical blinds).


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