Anna no back 4
Aster 3
Bahia fixed seat 15
Barbara fixed seat 4
Bilbao 11
Bilbao 14
Binca fixed seat 5
Binca fixed seat 7
Dix 30
Dix 31
Felix loose seat 12
Fritz one seater with pouf 28
Hecto fixed seat 9
Hecto loose seat 3
Jane sofa loose seat 6
Julien chair 7
Laguna 1
Marcus 9
Robin 7
Samos 5
Sophia loose seat 3
Wales bergere 4

Collett & Victor

The story of Collett & Victor began in 1982 when master upholsterer Filip Lievens established his workshop in Izegem. Operating under the name 'LF Selection,' the one-man business evolved into a family enterprise in the esteemed tradition of upholstery and restoration. In 2021, the torch of the family business was passed on to Julie Collett and Stieven Victor. Both entrepreneurs have developed their professional experience in the sector of high-end interiors. Under a new brand name and with a contemporary look & feel, they have preserved the traditional know-how, staying true to the tradition of pure Belgian craftsmanship. Interested in creating a unique and made-to-measure piece for your projects? Collett & Victor guides you all the way from design to realisation.

Collett & Victor's team of 30 craftsmen has experience with all types of fabrics and is familiar with the secrets of each. Each of them creates - with their unique hands, eyes, and sense of perfection - furniture that will stand out in any interior.


Bahia fixed seat 16
Barbara fixed seat 3
Bilbao 13
Bilbao 15
Binca fixed seat 6
Charlie fixed seat 8
Felix loose seat 11
Jane sofa loose seat 7
Marcus 8
Samos 6
Toscana loose seat 9

Collett & Victor
Kapelstraat 2, 8870 Izegem