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Lakkerij Vergote | MyBronz

At Lakkerij Vergote, all specialized craftsmanship in lacquer, color, varnish and metal coatings can be found in a home-like setting. The family company goes beyond color and experiments with materials to look for the right tones, seeking uniqueness in every project. Ever since 1994, interior architects, furniture designers and contractors have worked with Lakkerij Vergote for their professional lacquer, color and varnish works. With more than 25 years of experience, Lakkerij Vergote is able to offer high-quality service with tons of possibilities. In their showroom located in Roeselare, clients come to experience the high-quality materials and an ever-expanding sample library.

MyBronz is the living proof that Lakkerij Vergote goes beyond just color. After testing different coatings in bronze, the company developed their own application of metal coatings in 2016. This way, Lakkerij Vergote has a great diversity of finishings which leaves clients with endless possibilities.


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Lakkerij Vergote | MyBronz
Zwaaikomstraat 64, 8800 Roeselare

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