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Since 1905, Vervloet creates exclusive decorative hardware in brass, bronze and aluminium. With talented craftsmen and an in-house workshop, Vervloet offers unique, handmade and bespoke items as well as contemporary design collections, in stock and ready-to-use. More than one century of experience in creation and continuous innovation.

Studio Vervloet

Vervloet works closely together with designers and architects to develop fresh and original products as well as rethinking the manufacturing processes. While employing the craftsmanship and expertise Vervloet is well-renowned for, they embrace present-day technology and production methods to propose their “prêt à toucher” collections, Studio Vervloet.

All Studio collections are designed and made with fixed finishes however it is always possible to customise made-to-measure solutions.


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Maison Vervloet
78 Rue de la Borne, 1080 Bruxelles

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